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Improve your Posture Fitness

Remember poor posture can really take its toll on your back. If you’d like to discover how you can improve your posture fitness or address your back pain then why not make an appointment at Wholesome Health Chiropractic today. We’d love to help you improve your spinal health.

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How to maintain a healthy spine and feel mighty fine

Welcome to Spinal Health week. As a chiropractor, it’s a fab opportunity for me to share my wisdom about those bunch of bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles that help hold you together from head to toe otherwise known as your spine. We are going to explore how well you look after your back and provide a few hot tips on …

The 6 most commonly asked questions about Clinical Pilates

The classes at Wholesome Health Chiropractic (WHC) are mat based classes that embrace a combo of posture awareness, flexibility, deep core strength, pelvic stability, balance, co-ordination and some relaxation time too.2. Why do I need an initial assessment?Before you roll out your mat you will require an initial assessment with Dr Grace. This is a one on one consult that …