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Be our guest, be our guest help your body be its best!

It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we welcome you to our first blog post! And now we invite you to relax, pull up a chair and tuck into a succulent read as we proudly present…….Wholesome Health Chiropractic!

Wholesome Health Chiropractic (which you can find inside The Healthy Movement Hub) is providing the humans of Armidale and surrounds a space for all your body mechanic needs.

Dr Grace Stephen is championing the healthy movement as the principal chiropractor of Wholesome Health. Grace is a sports chiropractor and clinical pilates instructor who loves getting amongst working up a sweat whether it be pounding the pavement at park run, making a splash at the town pool, strolling in the park or working on her planks doing pilates.

Grace is a big advocate of functional movement but acknowledges that sometimes we don’t always move as well as we should. Grace utilises her skills as a sports chiropractor to diagnose, treat and manage a range of musculoskeletal conditions that can come about due to dysfunctional movements.

How do these dysfunctional movements come about? Im so glad you asked…Every day we rely on the body to do all sorts of tasks including walking, sitting for hours on end, driving, sports training, hanging the washing out, lifting things (including your ever growing children!) and the list goes on. The movements to perform these tasks require our neuromuscular control to be on point. Neuromuscular control is all about our nerves, joints and muscles being able to communicate and work together. As with anything in life, if the communication is down then that can cause all sorts of dramas…right?

If your feeling a little tighter in your hamstrings, calves or hips or maybe you have a niggle in your neck or shoulders then it is often a sign your body isn’t moving as well as it should aka you have some sort of dysfunctional movement pattern going on.

Be our guest put your movement to the test!

Wholesome Health Chiropractic offers musculoskeletal therapy that aims to locate and correct these dysfunctional movement patterns that are often the culprits behind presenting injuries, aches and pains. It’s not just about the individual parts at Wholesome Health Chiropractic it’s about focusing on restoring optimal function and movement of the whole body.

When you wander into Wholesome Health Chiropractic you’ll not only get a treatment but a tailored exercise program to equip you with the tools to hold it together for longer. Plus did we mention we are offering clinical pilates!

If you have any aches or pains or you’re just interested to see how you move then please feel free to drop Grace a line on 02 67712909, whip up an email to drgrace@wholesomehealthchiro.com.au or why not come in and say Hi at Suite 5/128 Dangar St Armidale.

So it’s with open arms and a beaming smile we welcome you to Wholesome Health Chiropractic.

Be our guest, Be our guest put your movement to the test!