(Functional Biomechanical Investigation)

The functional biomechanical investigation (FBI) is a movement screening tool developed by Dr Grace. The FBI is made up of several highly regarded functional and orthopaedic tests that require a balance of mobility and stability. If you are an athlete, train more then 3-4 times a week or your work is rather physical then it may be worth checking out the FBI

So what is the FBI?

The tests that make up the FBI screen are basic movements that challenge the mobility and stability of major joints often revealing areas of tightness, weakness and imbalance in the body. Ultimately these results become base line measurements to identify problem areas and track improvements. Its kind of like the beep test for functional movement.

At Wholesome Health we are well aware that pain is an indicator that something isn’t quite right.
As much as Dr Grace loves utilising her skills as a sports chiropractor to diagnose, treat and manage a range of musculoskeletal conditions that can come about due to dysfunctional movements, the FBI allows her to address dysfunctional movement patterns before they become a problem!

If you are;

1. Prone to getting injured during the season, or at the gym or even sitting at your desk

2. Interested in optimising your athletic performance

Then it is absolutely worth coming in for an FBI to identify those body parts you move well and not so well.

As they say prevention is better than a cure!