Prehab & Rehab

If you have stumbled into Wholesome Health with an ache or pain then not only will you wander out with relief but a tailored exercise program too.   Studies have shown that exercise prescription compliments treatment and reduces the incidence of re-injury! Dr Grace is a big advocate on her patient’s having an active role on their road to recovery. The exercise programs are tailored to your body and movement goals. Lets explore the two types of exercise prescription offered at WHC.


  • Performance Optimisation: tailored strength, mobility and balance exercises to improve your flexibility, stability and core. This aids in reducing the potential for injuries.
  • Surgery Prep: Injury specific exercises 4-6 weeks before orthopedic surgery that not only provide support to the injured area but assists in enhancing recovery too. Dr Grace has rehabilitative experience with knee, hip and shoulder reconstruction, neck, back and rotator cuff surgeries.


  • Injury Management: Through the various stages of healing injury may require modifications to your current training or ergonomic set up. Ultimately giving you the tools to not only recover but stay on your feet or on the field for longer.
  • Post Operative: Dr Grace also has experience in post operative rehabilitation for the knee, hip, shoulder and ankle. At Wholesome Health we are happy to liaise with your specialist, doctor and coach to ensure you achieve your recovery goals.