Myth Busting Back Pain

As a chiropractor, back pain is my thing! And according to the Australian stats back pain is also your thing too.

Back pain is one of the most common health complaints as it is estimated that 70-90% of you will suffer back problems at some stage in your life.

With so many people with bad backs its no wonder there are some bad facts that have come along over the years in regard to what causes back pain and how to best treat it.

Back Facts

Your back is awesome. It allows you to stand and supports your arms and legs. It also protects your spinal cord aka your messaging system between the brain and body.

Your back is probably the most intricate machine you have ever operated. This is why sitting, injuries, arthritis and just getting a little older can all lead to back pain problems.

When your back starts to ache or your movement becomes restricted its important you know what to do.

So let’s do some myth busting about back pain and I’ll even provide you with spinal health tips that can help prevent future back pain too.

So what should you do when you get back pain?

Have regular spinal check ups, practice self care (we can give you some stretches and strength work) and come and see us at Wholesome Health Chiropractic.

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